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In-between green and granite

Fafe is known as Minho region visit card, located in a pleasant spot, next to the water springs of Vizela river and on the borderline of Terras de Basto. In the east, it benefits from the protection of Lameira mountain range by the deep valley of Tâmega river. All the council is influenced by granite and a Megalithic culture that have deeply shaped the landscape. It is also famous for splendid green scenery full of oaks’ agglomerations, unique in Europe. These are ideal conditions for the proliferation of wild animal species, such as rabbit, hare and wild boar, creating a tourism hunting area with a lot of potential. Even though agriculture plays a major role, this city is also a lively industrial centre, mainly of textile industry. In the 80’s of the 20th century, the city was also known as the “Rally Cathedral”. Some of the most spectacular stages of Portugal Rally took place here. World’s most famous pilots can no longer be seen in this city, but the love for cars has remained alive in the Automobile Regional Museum. The council’s headquarters has several palace-like houses of former emigrants, leadint to the so-called “Brazilians’ architecture”. However, the main local architectural jewels are the 13th century Romanic church, situated in Arões; Luz Manor House, in Fornelos civil parish, and the Cine-Theatre building. The typical council handicraft deserves a final note, producing straw hats and baskets. Local gastronomy specialities include roasted veal, “rojões” (small frtied meat pieces) and Fafe sponge cake.


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