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The princess of Ria Formosa

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The relation between Faro and Ria Formosa would be completely perfect, if its waters flew in the city through channels and squares. However, Aveiro is the only city in Portugal to be that lucky. Faro has always taken advantage of the fens and lagoons stretching southwards in the sea and Faro island direction (However, Faro Island is actually a peninsula). In recent years, there has been a renovation effort of the river front, as we can see in the construction if a pedestrian walk connecting Manuel Bivar Garden with São Francisco Square through the outer wall perimeter, next to the railway station. Faro historical centre is divided in three areas. The most obvious one is “Vila-a-Dentro”. This zone is almost completely surrounded by the walls. Cathedral and some popular quarters are located within this area. Arco da Vila separates it from Manuel Bivar garden. Santo António is a pedestrian street and a trade area, located north from this green area, in the former Moor and Jewish quarters. Finally, there is the riverside quarter Bairro Ribeirinho, nowadays the main nightlife spot of the city, located in Conselheiro Bivar street. A new trade are was built on the exit to the airport. Algarve Football Stadium is situated nearby, stage of all sorts of sports and cultural events, and not so much football. The vast sand areas, inaccurately named Faro island, are among the major city’s attractions.


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