Felgueira Itinerary

A circuit that runs along the eastern side of the Dão wine region, beginning and ending in Caldas da Felgueira, passing through Nelas and Santar.

From Nelas, take the road to Seia, then going to the right to see the Caldas da Felgueira. There you will have plenty of good architectural examples of health resorts in the early twentieth century as in this hydrotherapy resort by the Mondego, starting with the well-preserved Grande Hotel. Having seen the spa town, take the secondary road connecting directly to Nelas. Turn right into the village of Folhadal, where you can see the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Tosse (Chapel of Our Lady of the Cough), a Mannerist design with Baroque additions. In Nelas, see in Largo General Jose Tavares, the eighteenth-century manor house known as Casa de Tavares, and the statue of the Sommelier or Wine Steward, a symbol of a land devoted to wine production. Exit the city by the EN231 in the direction of Viseu. Turn left to Santar, the capital of the Dão Wine Region. The main local reference is the eighteenth-century manor known as Casa de Santar, which gives the name to one of the best known wines of this region. The chapel of the manor is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, with frescoes on the ceiling, tile panels and gilded woodcarving. Also in Santar see the ruins of the Cunhas Palace, the Misericórdia Church (XVII century, with its gilded woodcarving) and the Parish Church (dedicated to St. Peter, housing beautiful altarpieces and paintings). Continue until Carvalhal Redondo, where you turn onto EN231-1, Canas de Senhorim direction. Here, at the exit to Carregal do Sal, see the Abreu Madeira Manor and the nearby Parish Church. Proceed along the EN234 in the direction of Nelas, ending the circuit in the city or in the neighbouring hot springs. Access By IC12 to Nelas and EN321 to Caldas da Felgueira To have into account The tour can be extended through the left bank of Mondego, towards Seia Length Some 35 km Meals Bem-Haja (T. 232944903), Os Antónios (T. 232949515), Nelas In the vicinity Celorico Castle, Seia, Gouveia

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