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Situated in the right margin of Zêzere river, this council, named after the river, is set in a breathtaking landscape crossed by the green of a dense forest and by the blue of Castelo de Bode reservoir. Inhabited since immemorial times, the municipality still preserves Palaeolithic vestiges in Avescasta cave, as well as Roman testimonies in São Pedro de Castro settlement. However, religious temples are surely the most appealing for visitors. Among them, it is worth highlighting Santo Aleixo Church, the main church of Beco; Nossa Senhora da Graça Church, the main church of Areias and Dornes parish church. This small town forms a sort of peninsula surrounded by dam waters, deserving an attentive visit, due to the beauty of its surrounding beauty and the importance of some monuments, such as the Templar Tower. River flavours are the most important ones; however roasted kid dishes are also very famous. By the end of the dessert, you should try delicious “tigeladas” (a baked dessert made of eggs, milk and cinnamon) of Ferreira do Zêzere.


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