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The beach princess

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Located between the sea and Mondego, Figueira da Foz has firstly developed around fishing and shipbuilding. Later, in the 19th century it became famous as a beach zone. Going to the beach in the Summer turned into a very popular habit among the population and, therefore, Figueira attracted crowds of sunbathers. Families all over the country, mainly from the North and central regions, as well as from Spain, gathered here year after year. During Second World War, Figueira has welcomed thousands of refugees fleeing the nazi threat. The city has left a good memory in all of these men and women. However, time goes by and the city is turned to the future and to tourism. It offers good hotels, a great variety of restaurants (most of them specialised in fish and seafood specialities), a casino, concert halls, and good commercial areas. Figueira still deserves the title it won back in the 40’s decade of the 20th century: Portugal’s “Beach Princess”. Bordered by Boa Viagem mountain range and Mondego fields, this region has also plenty to offer in its surroundings.


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