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A mountain balcony

The town of Fornos de Algodres, situated at an altitude of 511m in the middle of the hill facing Estrela Mountain, rises upon the superior valley of Mondego river. It is a true balcony of the mountain with white houses in cascade that resemble a crib. This town has been inhabited since immemorial times, as shown by the Pre-Historic vestiges of Dólmen da Matança or Anta de Cortiçô, used for religious and funereal ceremonies. In terms of council’s heritage, the main church and Misericórdia church deserve a thorough visit. However, visitors must also pass by Alto de São João (located in Ínfias, 3 km northeast from the town), providing a marvellous view over Mondego valley and Estrela Mountain. Nowadays, the main activities in the council are agriculture, winegrowing and shepherd activity, whereas the most important product is famous cheese Queijo da Serra that can be bought in cheese fairs taking place on Mondays (from the middle of November to the middle of April), as well as in the Annual Cheese Fair. In terms of handicraft, it is worth highlighting tin ware, basket ware, pottery, as well as laceworks and embroideries.


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