Freita Mountains

A tour starting at Arouca and goes upwards through the Freita Mountain, viewing the Frecha da Misarela waterfall and then coming down to end in Vale de Cambra.

Upon arrival, Arouca has lots of interesting options. Before entering the town, find the road on the left that goes up to the Romanesque church of São Miguel de Urrô. Near the roundabout from where the road to Castelo de Paiva starts, you can see the Memorial do Burgo, a funerary monument in memory of Princess Santa Mafalda, daughter of King Sancho I. The largest monument is the convent of Arouca, and the Museum of Sacred Art and the church pew also deserve your visit. At lunch time, the best local specialties are veal and the typical sponge cake. If you go up to the viewpoint of Nossa Senhora da Mó, 3 km to the southeast, you have a wonderful sight of the town and the valley. Towards the top of the Freita mountain, it is about 17 km of winding road improved at the end, as you arrive at the plateau. Access to the great waterfall of Frecha da Misarela (over 60 meters high) is well marked. There are several observation points, from the viewpoint of the right bank of the river Caima, to the very banks of the river, upstream of the cascade. There is also a pedestrian path, duly signaled to the base of the fall. It is still worth seeing the geological phenomenon of stones Parideiras, a unique granite phenomenon in the country. Granite blocks that are dissected, revealing nodules that resemble eggs of stone (hence the term 'Parideiras'', ' deliverers). The lack of civility of some visitors led to the adoption of special protective measures. Now, you just have to go down the western slope of the Freita mountain towards Vale de Cambra, where there are good signs for Santa Maria da Feira and the A1 via a back road that is winding but very panoramic, enabling to see the sea in the distance. Access By EN326 to Arouca To have into account In Winter you may find snow and traffic jams Length Some 50 km In the vicinity São Pedro do Sul, Gralheira mountain

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