From Cascais to Guincho

A walk or bike ride of half a dozen miles from the cliffs of Boca do Inferno, on the outskirts of Cascais, and the beach of Guincho, through the cycleway or footpath.

The cliffs of Boca do Inferno are a tourism commonplace when one refers to sightseeing in Cascais. However, it is always nice to review them, except on those most crowded weekends, particularly in August. The start of the walk is next to the Casa da Guia, is an interesting site with good terraces but too many parked cars. It is after the Repsol filling station that the route becomes more clear. Two cycleways, one on each side of the road, make life easier for bikers and pedestrians, offering separate paths. The path starts going down, this enabling you a closer view of the sea. Along the way, you will see some fortresses built after the Restoration to protect the coast of unfriendly landings. The first is the Forte da Guia, which now houses the laboratory of the Faculty of Maritime Sciences. Further along in the Farol de Oitavos. If you are not used to long walks, bear in mind that this point marks roughly half the distance to go, before reaching Guincho. The coast sinks further, as you may note by the profile of the road, as you approach the lighthouse of Cabo Raso. If it is a windy day, the walk can become a bit harsher as from here. In the distance you will see the first restaurants in Guincho. A succession of curves marks the arrival in Praia da Crismina or Guincho Pequeno. You start seeing clearly the main beach, and, quite often, the colourful sails of the windsurfing boards. If you want to extend the itinerary, know that the cycleway will continue along Guincho and the right up to the vicinity of the camping site. Hence, if you do not wish to return the same way, you can follow the wooded side of the road which runs alongside the racetrack of Quinta da Marinha and that will take you to Cascais, to the area of Torre, a 20 minute walk from the station. Access By the Marginal Road, A5 or Estoril train line. The walk between the station of Cascais and Boca do Inferno takes about 20 minutes. If you drive, you should not have trouble parking near the Boca do Inferno. To have into account You can use one of the city bikes (BICAS) - there is an office available near Cidadela. When With good weather, regardless of season; provide a windbreak, due to the possibility of north winds, especially after lunch. Other The trip is around 6 km to Guincho, and therefore you may organize the walk in accordance with the distance you expect to go (the intermediate point is the access to the restaurant in Oitavos), or provide for a supporting vehicle to return from Guincho. Meals There are plenty of restaurants along this route, most of them quite good and a bit. In town, o Pereira (T. 214831215), close to the Hospital de Cascais, is a most affordable option. Other spots to visit Palmela Park, Museu D. Carlos, in Cascais.

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