From Chaves to Bragança, a journey through Terra Fria

A tour mainly around lands of the municipality of Vinhais, near the Natural Park of Montesinho and rivers Rabaçal and Tuela, and linking two major cities of the north-eastern area of Trás-os-Montes.

In Chaves, cross the bridge and follow the Roman road to Spain. In the middle of the line turn right and Bragança Bragança. A few miles later comes up there, the Castle of Monforte River Free, whose earliest reference dates back to the twelfth century. It's worth climbing up there and enjoy the view. Continue along the road were coming to the village of Aguas Frias, later a plaque announces Bolideira. The stop is mandatory. Here, the Pedra Bolideira, has the particularity of moving when in contact with human power. A little further on, Lebução and Rebordelo, after the descent to Rabaçal, and then again up the mountain in the other side of river. We are in the district of Bragança. Leaving Rebordelo turn right to Minas, Vale das Fontes e Nurzedo de Baixo. After 3 km, go down onto the right to Nurzedo and slow down after passing a stone pit on your left. From there, you will start seeing Muradal, so named because it is a mountain that looks like a wall over the River. In the distance, runs the river Tuela. Vale das Fontes is behind these boulders, which caves hid Republicans fleeing Franco's victory. Follow up to the old mining district. The exploitation of tin lasted since the Arabs until 1969, when the British owners abandoned the mine. Return to Nuzedo de Baixo and then to Rebordelo. Follow the same road until Curopos, where a delicious bread is baked. Here is the village of Espinhoso and the Forca hill, where once the robbers were punished. Ahead Sobreiró, famous for the resistance during the French invasion, and Sotelo, just before Vinhais. This town is known for its important exhibition of smoked sausages. Continue to Bragança, via Vila Verde and Soeira, where a Roman bridge is about 800 meters from the one where you cross again the Tuela. Go to Castrelos, till the junction of Castro de Avelãs. Visit one of the most beautiful and important national monuments. And we arrive at Bragança, the end of this tour.

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