From Évora to Graça do Divor through the cycleway

A promenade through the cycleway built in the corridor of the former Evora branch line. In addition to a pleasant walk, it offers interesting perspectives of the city and its surroundings.

If you came to Évora by train, to start your tour you just have to walk through the platform along the railroad. After the old silos of EPAC, fork left, leave behind the Reguengos branch line until you reach the 'Neighborhood Along the Line of Mora' («Bairro Junto à Linha de Mora») which you should cross by the main road. In the end, crossing the asphalt, is the beginning of the cycleway. You can also reach here from the Rossio de São Brás or from the city center, passing through the ring surrounding the walls and then taking the old road to Reguengos. The cycleway, initially on paved ground, leads through Évora to the north, amidst farms and houses, where the towers of the Cathedral can be seen from afar. The old mill of Leões, which will house the Faculty of Architecture, is on the left, right next to our itinerary.





From the old rail station of Leões, the cycleway goes across the city outskirts. Later, after crossing the municipal road to Graça do Divor, the ground becomes gravel, near Senhor dos Aflitos. For 5 km the cycleway, with these new features, will drive away from the mentioned road, to return onto it only after passing under the A6. Now the , with landscape is not urban anymore and you enter a rural scenery with cork oaks, meadows and pastures for cattle. In the old station of Graça do Divor ends the 15 km cycleway. If it is not hard to manage to bike this far, the same cannot be said if you came on foot and then it may be reasonable to have a supporting car or to call a taxi by phone. The old line continues towards the north, and you can walk further 11 km to the old station of Arraiolos. Until the border between the districts of Évora and Arraiolos (7.5 km away) the profile of the track, through dirt floors, does not change much. When the cycleway ends, what can be noticed immediately by the irregularity of the floor, the ride may continue for another 6.5 km. Once at the much ruined old station of Arraiolos, the EN4 (road Arraiolos - Estremoz) is very close. Also Arraiolos and its castle are about 2 km to the west.




Access: by the Évora rail station, following the railroad towards the east and forking left onto a dirt road that passes through the 'Bairro Junto à Linha de Mora and the beginning of the cycleway.


Start: Beginning of the Évora cycleway, next to the rail station.


Length: 15 km (up to Graça do Divor).


To take into account: The track, no longer a cycleway, follows towards the north, from Graça do Divor until the border of the county with Arraiolos (further 7.5 km) and the old station (another 3.5 km.)


When: Spring or Autumn. Other From Graça do Divor onwards, dirt roads and mud can occur; gates to open and close over the last 3.5 kilometers.


Meals: Adega do Alentejano (T. 266 744 447), O Moinho (T. 266 771 060), Tasquinha d’Oliveira (T. 266 744 841)


Other spots to visit: Évora historic center, Almendres Cromelech, Arraiolos Castle.

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