From Fajã dos Cubres to Fajã do Santo Cristo (São Jorge)

A stroll, mostly on foot, that by itself would justify the whole trip, if not to The Azores themselves, at least to the beautiful island of St. George, down a winding and scenic trail to the Faja de Santo Cristo.

We are on the northeast coast of São Jorge, wild and bleak, where we can access from the town of Calheta and the town of Norte Pequeno. From this core, we take the small road to Fajã dos Cubres. On this site, and at the viewpoint, we have a view of the impressive cliffy coast of the island, trimmed and imposing, which gives well the idea of an 'aircraft carrier' island as, sometimes, São Jorge is known: it is very elongated, about seven kilometers per seventy, and almost always with very high coasts (there is also a magnificent view from the viewpoint of the Fajã do Ouvidor, in Norte Grande, a little higher on the same coast). We come down by the narrow road around the viewpoint, to leave the car in the Fajã dos Cubres. From here we must proceed on foot to reach the Caldeira da Fajã do Santo Cristo - not without making sure beforehand that the road, of a few kilometers, is free, because possible landslides may occur. You should use appropriate footwear, and to take a snack along with you is recommended. The route leads through the very high and steep sloped, as if caught between the mountains, the small rolling, black pebble beaches, or simply, the sea roaring and sometimes overwhelming. A dense vegetation embellishes our tour, though it may hamper it now and again. But the aim is worthy of the walker's efforts: the Caldeira do Santo Cristo, which is reached after one hour, is a simple but beautiful landscape, which includes, implanted in the cliff, a pond of a intense green, only separated from the ocean by a narrow barrier of a beach of stones. Neighbouring it, a tiny village made of some isolated houses with their backyards, lightly and gracefully worked as terraces, sets the rustic tone of a magic "lost world" that makes much for the charm of the place. Towering over this whole scenario, the mighty mountain, the cliff top, claims for respect.

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