From Foz do Tua to Mirandela

From Foz do Tua to Mirandela are less than two hours on a train that looks more like a toy. Usually, a two-car train, a half of one car provides for first class service. The Tua Line has been operating since 1887.

The beginning of the Tua river is located 2 km north of Bragança, where the rivers Rabaçal and Tuela come together. Thence to its mouth in the Douro River, is about 55 km. The construction of this railway line, through the gorges of the River Tua, was a huge challenge for the Portuguese engineering of those times. On the journey from Foz Tua (Douro Line) to Mirandela the train moves slowly through a landscape desert of people and houses, where tunnels succeed each others. The landscape is unique. After about 30 minutes you see the first town, the way station of Santa Luzia. Across the river is Ameeiro. Next, it follows S. Lourenço, where the train stops only at the request of any passenger or someone on the outside. Forty five minutes after the departure, you see Brunheda and the fields and orchards in sharp contrast to the barren landscape of the first part of the travel. After Codeçais, the green that prevails, and in Abreiro you can see the ruins of an ancient bridge. In Cachão, the line moves away from the river but just for a few kilometers. Here are Frechas and Latadas. It's the end of the trip and Mirandela can be guessed in the distance. The latter part of the journey is made along the fertile floodplains accompanying the Tua and the layout of the line becomes much less tortuous. The approach to the terminal station coincides with the rise of water levels, dammed downstream of Mirandela, to allow the formation of a vast reflecting pool, which has become an ex libris of the city.

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