From Lagoa do Fogo to Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande (São Miguel)

A walk that takes place in the heart of the island of Sao Miguel, down from the misty hills surrounding the Lagoa do Fogo to the shores of the Atlantic, by the Ribeira Grande.

The Lagoa do Fogo, not the largest nor the most famous of São Miguel (as it is the case with Sete Cidades), nor the most romantic and cosy (as Furnas), is possibly the most beautiful, either by its natural implantation, almost wild, either by the simplicity of its shape and surrounding areas, from where we may guess, or even see, in clear days, the sea. Situated half way along the island, it can be accessed easily by road. Climbing Pico do Fogo, there is the viewpoint on the roadside, where you can see the magnificent panorama of the homonymous lagoon - lagoon to which we can access walking carefully down a path well marked, so as to enjoy its waters and surrounding environment along the banks.




Although we have to travel a route somewhat lengthy and steep, this is a worthwhile experience, for the natural quality of the overall environment of the lagoon is not to be found by the other large lagoons of the island, as their banks have been urbanized in some degree. Down to Ribeira Grande, we can quietly explore the paths and roads that climb the slopes to Lagoa do Fogo: either climbing up to the boilers - small touristic thermal cluster, built around the tanks of boiling sulphurous water - or, to see the small reservoirs of warm waters, more discreetly inserted in the landscape, in natural forested areas that take a great advantage of the local geothermic, as its is the case with the site of Caldeira Velha, or, alternatively, other sites that are quite close of this moist and green, idyllic vision of Nature.

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