From Monchique to Marmelete

A pedestrian route, starting at a high point in the Monchique mountains and down the southern slope on the way to the picturesque village of Marmelete, always with superb views of sea and land.

The starting point of this hike is located near the 6 km of the EN266-3 rising from Monchique to Fóia. You can't go wrong, because before reaching this viewpoint, on a wide curve to the left, you left behind the restaurant Quinta de São Bento. Enjoy the beautiful view of the belvedere, which covers the Ria de Alvor, Portimão and Lagos. Walk a few meters up the road until near the 6 km mark and turn left to a wide dirt road that descends in the direction of a wind farm. This path will pass lead through other reference points that are the geodesic apex of Madrinha (altitude 803 meters) and a fire watchtower, which will have drawn your attention. Below, to the west, antennas and the geodesic landmark of Picos point out the approximate direction to follow (mainly to the west and downwards) as well as the approximate location of the end of the ride. Go down, leaving a road on the left, until you reach a fountain. Turn in the second left amidst eucalyptus and, at the next fork, choose the left, skirting an old cottage. This trail will lead you through Almarjão, and after the descent you should cross the opposite paved road. The mentioned geodesic landmark of Picos, a fundamental reference for 'navigation in sight', begins to show itself, a bit closer. In Almarjinho go around a farm here pigs are reared, and then again around Portela dos Gralhos, through a wooded path. Farther, in a clearing crossed by several water lines, take the path going up. This trail will take you near the Picos watchtower. Then follow by the paved road and enter the first path to the right, where you will begin to see amidst the trees the mentioned apex of Picos (altitude 574 meters). If you wish, despite the bushes and uneven ground, you may climb to the top to have a better view. Fifty meters ahead, in a crossroads, take the middle lane and get off near the water tank, which is the first real confirmation that you have finally reached your destination, entering the picturesque village of Marmelete. Access By the road from Monchique to a Fóia, till the fountain and viewpoint of Senhora Start Viewpoint of Senhora End Marmelete Length Some 7 km To have into account The tour allows a supporting car or taxi to meet the walkers in Marmelete (find a more detailed description in the book "Portugal Passo a Passo', Abel Melo e Sousa / Rui Cardoso, Edições Afrontamento 2004) Other Appropriate footwear (boots, ankle boots) recommended; take with you water to drink Meals O Fernando (T. 282913243); Estalagem Abrigo da Montanha (T. 282912131), both in the road to Fóia In the vicinity Geodesic Apex of Picota; Alferce village

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