From Peniche to Alfeizerão

Touring by the old Gulf of Obidos which, until the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries stretched from Atouguia da Baleia and Alfeizerão - very busy ports of Alcobaça hunting areas region.

Leaving Peniche towards Óbidos, pass the old seaport of Atouguia da Baleia. The importance of the village remained throughout the first dynasty, yet, the silting occurred during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, connected it to the former island of Peniche. It was a major commercial port and that significance was reflected in the churches of São Leonardo (thirteenth century) and Nossa Senhora da Conceição (seventeenth century), in the Manueline pillory, in the gothic fountain and in the remains of the medieval bull stall. In Serra d'El Rei, a royal hunting ground, is the palace created by King Pedro I, which was King Duarte's royal palace and where you can clearly see the Manueline doors and arched windows. The arrival at Óbidos is marked by the Usseira aqueduct from the sixteenth century, 3 km in length. The village of medieval characteristics, is surrounded by high walls and has an urban structure developed as from the alcazaba, the entrances and the square. Wander through the streets and take the time to taste the famous ginjinha (a liquor made with sour cherries). Caldas da Rainha is 6 km away. The historic spa town, founded by Queen Leonor, wife of King John II, is located in an area of orchards, vineyards and pine forests. In addition to the Thermal Hospital, museums and churches, you can enjoy its fountains, parks and gardens, and also its ceramics - the typical Caldas dishware. Now, drive towards the coast, having the Óbidos lagoon as your fellow traveller. Down, by the ocean, you will reach the beach of Foz do Arelho, crowded in summer. The tour will end in Alfeizerão, another ancient port of this immense gulf, land of the delicious sponge cake.

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