From Ponte de Lima to the Bertiandos Ponds

A walk in the Nature, between Ponte de Lima and Bertiandos, with the pleasant banks of the Lima river as a steadfast reference.

An itinerary suitable for nature lovers: starting in Ponte de Lima, visit the Arnado Thematic Gardens, by the Lima river and the medieval bridge. This is a very pleasant leisure area with a river beach and picnic area. Then follow along by the ecotrail by the river Lima up to Bertiandos. The Protected Landscape of Bertiandos and São Pedro de Arcos Ponds is flanked by the River Lima and the mountains of Arga and Cabração. Going through its wooden walkways, you can explore the 350 ha where fauna and flora lie around two ponds and the Estorãos river banks. There are various guided tours, as well as the possibility of staying overnight at the campsite, in shelter houses or bungalows, all in the Quinta de Pentieiros, a complete infrastructure to support the protected area, which also includes an educational farm, open swimming pools and a forest park. Whether you spend here the weekend or just a few hours, be aware that, this being a protected area, it is recommended to have special care with the flora and fauna, as well as with trash, noise and any activity likely to cause negative environmental impacts. On your way back, return by the pleasant ecotrail until Ponte de Lima, the oldest town in Portugal, full of history and natural beauty. Access: Parque do Arnado, Ponte de Lima To take into account: In this area of protected landscape, there are infrastructures available to support visitors. In the Environmental Interpretation Centre visitors can get all necessary information, particularly on new routes. When: In summer Length: 4,5 km

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