From Sintra to Tapada de Mafra

A tour by car exploring the coast between Sintra and Ericeira, then going to Mafra and Tapada, through the picturesque road of Gradil.

Start your tour at the Ramalhão roundabout towards Sintra. The new urban arrangement causes you to bypass part of the village, until reaching the road to Praia das Maçãs. This, after many curves, arrives in Colares, where we must take the road to Praia das Maçãs. Always on the edge of the cliff, you sill see Azenhas do Mar (note the elementary school on the first crossing) with the picturesque white houses on the cliff and Fontanelas, the village which streets have rhymed names. After the junction to the left to Magoito road, it is worth going to this beach of high cliffs. Returning, follow by São João das Lampas, towards Praia de São Julião, and if you may afford the time for it, take a detour left to go the beautiful Praia da Samarra, a narrow corridor of sand between rocks. The access to São Julião being a dead-end, you must follow the way to Ericeira, taking the EN247 on the left. This village that once was a fishing centre, retains an atmosphere of summer resort of other times and is well worth a walk around the central area. In the northern exit, after contemplating the sea from the viewpoint, turn right onto the EN116 in the direction of Mafra. Along the way, you will pass Sobreiro, where the ceramist José Franco built a miniature rustic village that delights both children and adults. In Mafra, the obvious suggestion is to visit the famous monastery. Return to the northern edge of Mafra, after visiting the convent and take the direction Malveira / Torres Vedras by EN9. In Murgeira, now with the wall of Tapada at sight, fork right onto Gradil road. Prior to this picturesque village you will pass by the gateway to the Royal Hunting area, Tapada Real. Former hunting area of King John V, King Carlos and other kings, this is an area of great natural beauty, with several animals on the loose, deserving a ride on foot by the footpath, or by mini-train. After this visit, go to Gradil and turn onto the right in EN8, towards Malveira and the highway node. For your farewell to be sweeter, taste Malveira famous confectionery in coffee shops at the junction of the road to Loures. Access By IC19, to Sintra, starting the tour at the filling station of Ramalhão roundabout, and then going to the town. To have into account Remember that there is a fortnightly fair in São Pedro de Sintra (second and fourth Sunday of each month), which can complicate the parking and traffic, at the beginning of the ride. However it can also justify a visit to this lively and secular outdoor market. When With good weather, regardless of season Length Some 90 km, ending by the A8 node of Malveira. Meals Melita (T. 219662727), in Largo da Feira, Malveira; Café Snack-Bar O Parafita (T. 261814290), in Mafra Other spots to visit Museu do Brinquedo and Castelo dos Mouros, in Sintra; Praia Gramde dinosaurs footprints; Cape Roca.

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