From the mountains to the sea

A journey from the lush landscapes of the Monchique mountains to the beauties of the Vicentina Coast, passing through typical villages as is the case in Odeceixe, and ending in Marmelete, on the border with the Alentejo.

This tour begins in the picturesque town of Monchique and is worth a visit. With a good weather, the ride can start with the ascent to the top of Fóia to see the views. If you have the spirit of adventure, you may choose among a number of small paved roads that wind, downhill, and that will lead south of Monchique, whether on the road to Portimão, or in the derivation for Marmelete and Aljezur. Either way, take the EN267, passing by Casais and Marmelete (Caldas de Monchique are south by the continuation of the road to Portimão). These are typical villages, in mid of the hillside, with their traditional houses, typical flat roofs and chimneys. The early miles are somewhat sinuous and narrow, so some caution is recommended. This first section of the tour goes westwards, the road going up and down between carob, olive and cork trees, mixed with some eucalyptus. The sea will emerge down in the horizon, and from this angle, one can see that Aljezur is made of two different settlements, each occupying hills separated by the homonymous river. The innermost settlement is also the latest. The earliest settlement is closer to the sea, distributed by the contour line and dominated by the ruins of the castle. Before heading north, towards Odeceixe, you can turn left, following the right bank of the river to its mouth, near the beautiful beach of Ameixoeira. From here northwards, a succession of roads head to the seaside, some paved and some dirty roads, giving access to a multitude of small beaches, either from Maria Vinagre, either from Rogil. Before starting the winding descent to the village of Odeceixe, you may wish to turn left and explore the paths, through the plateau, that lead directly to the South top of the beach of Odeceixe. It is one of the most stunning views of the coast, seeing the mouth and the intricacies of the Ceixe creek and the cliffs bordering this beautiful beach, to the south. Here is a transitional spot: the Alentejo to the Algarve and the river to the sea. Access From Monchique, taking the road to Aljezur (EN267) To have into account You can link this tour to the one between Aljezur and Praia do Amado Length Some 60 km Meals Estalagem Abrigo da Montanha (T. 282912131), in Monchique and A Nossa Tasca (T. 282491675), in EN266, in Palheiros In the vicinity Caldas de Monchique; beaches of Arrifana, Carrapateira and Amado

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