From Torre de Moncorvo to Miranda do Douro

From the slopes of the Reboredo and Mogadouro mountains, by the Natural Park of International Douro, to Miranda, a tour through the most inland Portugal, amidst boulders, stone walls, vineyards and chestnut-trees.

Before you begin this journey, visit the old part of Torre de Moncorvo and taste the typical covered almonds. You may find them in the coffee-shop Flor de Amêndoa, near the church square. Then follow in the direction of Carviçais, where in addition to the church, built in 1702, there is a famous restaurant, O Arthur, where you can taste the local specialties - steak Mirandesa and sausages, among others. Next is Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta, the most Manueline land in Portugal. The author Guerra Junqueiro was born there. Located in the Douro Wine Region, almonds are grown here and they still keep the tradition of silk production, from the silkworm to the thread, weaving and embroidery of the most beautiful pieces. And now the magic of the Douro leads us to Penedo Durão. The landscape is overwhelming. Far away, deep down, runs the river Douro. If the day is clear you can see Salamanca, and the mountains of Poiares and Candedo all around. Return to Freixo and then Carviçais. And, if it is lunchtime, enjoy lunch at the aforementioned Arthur. Resuming the tour, taking EN221 in Mogadouro direction, one arrives at Lagoaça. Visit the Miradouro da Cruzinha and its basin of olive and orange trees. Return to the main road and continue towards Mogadouro. In the village of Castelo Branco, visit the parish church of the sixteenth century and the chapel of Nossa Senhora de Vila Velha, a very ancient shrine of worship, a Christian monument erected upon the ruins of a Luso-Roman hill fort. In Mogadouro, a Templar land, visit the castle and the viewpoint of São Cristóvão. Here are the castles of Penas Roias, which construction dates back to 1166, at the behest of Gualdim Pais, General Master of the Templar, and Algoso, one of the largest medieval fortresses of eastern Trás-os-Montes, evoking the wars with Leon, both with access by the EN 219 to Vimioso. From Vimioso take the direction of Miranda do Douro. At the city gates you can still admire the Romanesque church of Malhadas. And the tour ends inside the walled city.

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