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The land of cherry

Situated in the slope of Gardunha mountain range, Fundão is an important agricultural centre of Cova da Beira region, mainly based on cherry production. The cherry feast takes place in June in Alcongosta village. Covering a very fertile territory, rich in minerals (tungsten, tin, lead and silver), this municipality also relies on flourishing factories, namely in the textile area. The former cereal milling stands out as a living testimony of that industrial past. This building was renewed, becoming a lively modern museum with several cultural possibilities: Moagem – Cidade do Engenho e das Artes. Thic council is rich in monuments, comprising the villages of Castelo Novo (Historical Village) and Alpedrinha, quite typical and also well preserved. Castelo Novo stands out for its harmonious urban design. Worth visiting is Town hall building or the Castle. Alpedrinha is famous for its several fountains and drinking fountains, since the region has plenty of water. In The Fundão side, Gardunha mountain range (parallel to Estrela mountain range) is covered by a beautiful vegetation area known as Mata do Fundão, the location of Gardunha Forest Park. Its highest peak (1227m high) is situated north from Castelo Novo. Several antennas have been placed here. From this spot, one has a magnificent view over the wide Castelo Branco plains, in the south, the heights of Estrela mountain, the deep Zêzere valley and the fertile Cova da Beira depression, in the north.


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