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Crossed by river Ceira, Góis village has kept a well-preserved historical centre, along with an interesting river zone. In the surroundings, there are the mountains of Açor mountain range, stretching to Arganil and Piódão. Despite last years’ fires, the council is still covered by an important forest area. Geologically, the 1040m high Penedo de Góis, important quartz peak, in the border with the neighbour Lousã mountain range. In its surroundings, there is a deep schist throat, opened by the waters of Pena river stream. Also remarkable is the deep Ceira valley next to Senhora da Candosa hermitage. Pena is a traditional schist village, almost ignored by the great tourism guides, settled in the shadow of Penedo de Góis. Worth highlighting are Colmeal villages, located in the right riverbank of Ceira river, with its houses stretching throughout the riverside zone, as well as Vale Pardieiros, an ancient curious employ of the river waters.


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