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Miradouro do Sr. do Calvário
Igreja Matriz de Gouveia
Igreja da Misericórdia
Convento de S. Francisco
Castelo do Folgosinho
Monte do Calvário
Paços do Concelho
Pelourinho do Fogosinho
Praça de S. Pedro, à noite


Mountain’s monumental door

Situated in the north slope of Estrela Mountain, 550m high city of Gouveia is crossed by Mondego River. It is also one of the access doors to Estrela Mountain Natural Park. Its name may derive from the Latin word “gaudella”, meaning pleasure, satisfaction and delight, due to region’s beauties. This area was inhabited by Turduli and later on by Lusitanian Romans, preserving important historical testimonies, such as noble manor houses and monuments. The basis of local economy is textile industry (spinning, weaving and clothing), agriculture, sheep breeding for the production of famous Queijo da Serra cheese, celebrated by the population by Carnival. In the mountain area, forest is explored, rich in oak trees and chestnut trees, while in the valleys the main plantations are: potato, vineyard, cereals and olive trees. In the city, you must visit Abel Manta Modern Art Museum with an important collection that comprises apart from its founder’s (born in Gouveia) paintings, works of other artists such as Júlio Resende, Júlio Pomar, Vieira da Silva and Paula Rego. Also worth mentioning is the mountain village of Folgosinho, which welcomes visitors with a picturesque environment, good views over the mountain and an excellent gastronomy.


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