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Castelo de Guimarães
D. Afonso e Paço dos Duqes
Paço dos Duqes de Bragança
Palácio dos Duques de Bragança
Pórtico da Capela
Igreja de S. Miguel
Padrão Selado
Cruzeiro da Sr.ª da Oliveira
Largo de S. Gualtar


A citty full of history and life

Guimarães is one of the most fascinating Portuguese cities, whose Medieval and 15th century historical centre was classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. Related to the foundation of Portuguese kingdom and to D. Afonso Henriques, there is an unfairly forgotten person, who played a major role in the city development, Countess Mumadona Dias. In the 10th century, she ordered the construction of both a monastery over the plain and a castle around it, located in the border hill, in order to protect the former. Connecting the two of them, there was a path that later originated Santa Maria Street. This determined woman thus created the fundamental landmarks of Guimarães. This is a city that visitors always want to keep coming back to, in order to walk along the ancient streets, to visit monuments such as the famous castle or the Duke Palace, or to take a drink at one of the most beautiful Portuguese squares. This setting covers Oliveira and Santiago squares. Overlooking the city, you will find Penha mount, offering a beautiful garden-like forest. More recently, this city invested not only in a new cultural centre (Vila Flor), but also in several sport and leisure facilities, such as Sport City, City Park, and Couros Multifunctional Complex.


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