Hiking in Sintra mountains

A walking tour through Sintra hills, beginning and ending in the picturesque village of Penedo, between Almoçageme and Colares. In between, old farms, beautiful scenery and the magical atmosphere of the Monte da Lua.

This tour has much ups-and-downs, as befits a rail of Sintra. Therefore, it is suggested in several options. In Penedo, quit the Church Square, next to the fountain, going down by the Calçada de Santa Barbara. At the end of this, go down by your right, entering the Caminho da Boca da Mata. After a farm with horses, on your right, you have a first option. For the shorter version, go straight by the contour line. After a path through the middle of the woods, turn onto right, a 'hook', and proceed straight, passing between two farms with noisy watchdogs. Climb up to the paved road and at its crossing, go down to the right. Five minutes later you will be again at the starting point. This option, depending on your walking speed, will take some 30 to 50 minutes. If you want the longer version, at the above mentioned crossing, go down by your left by the Caminho do Rio Velho, a sidewalk with uneven ground. You will be approaching the beautiful Quinta do Carmo, which you will get around to the right. Arriving at the junction with a dirt road, go right and at the next fork, again by your right, enter a little narrower path. Again, you will be able to shorten or extend the tour, this time for a period around the hour and half. 50 meters after a barely visible path on the right, marked 'No Entry', if you choose the right, following the contour line, enter a broad track that, after circumventing a reservoir for firefighting on the left, will become a path covered by trees. If you follow it straight ahead, ignoring a visible crossroads on your left, you will reach the above mentioned farm with horses, at 5 min distance of Penedo. To make an even longer walk, at the spot mentioned before, continue up by the dirt road. On the three well marked bifurcations that follow, along the climb, always choose the right. Soon after the third crossroads find a horizontal branch on the left that allows you to go to the Miradouro das Três Cruzes, with splendid views over the floodplains of Sintra and Colares. Back at the dirt road, in the junction, go left. You are now just a few tens of meters from the fence that protects the Capuchin Convent and the box office. It's worth paying the entrance fee to visit this well preserved Capuchin monastic retreat, dedicated to meditation and contemplation of nature. To return to Penedo, outside the fence of the convent, turn onto the left and make the opposite way that brought you here. Take the first to the left, go down and turn left again, to go along the fence of the Capuchin Convent at its bottom edge, passing within sight of their cafeteria. Enter the high end of the Caminho da Boca da Mata and proceed downwards. At the first fork take the road that descends to the right and a few hundred meters after, contour by the left a Civil Protection dam. Go straight by the main track that will become a footpath through the woods, worthy of a fairy tale. Minutes later, you will reach the farm with horses where from you started, but now to continue to climb to Penedo. Access By the Malveira da Serra road towards Colares (EN247), turning to Penedo and parking in the Church Square. Start and end Church Square in Penedo Length Some 6 km for the longer version, this corresponding to a 2.5/3 hours walk. To have into account As the main access to Penedo is a narrow one, it may be more convenient to go via Pé da Serra EN247 (Malveira da Serra-Colares) and go up the road to Peninha. 1.5 km later, turn onto the left, down the road (Caminho dos Moinhos) that ends in the mentioned square (note: traffic in two directions, in this biased, narrow and winding road, requiring caution). When With good weather, regardless of season Other The tour allows several options, depending on your physical fitness and time available. We recommend appropriate footwear (boots, at least at the ankle) and take some water with you. Meals Refúgio do Ciclista (T. 219280088) in Penedo (closed on Sundays) and Casa de Pasto Mariazinha (T. 219280423) in Almoçageme. Other spots to visit Monserrate Park, Pena Palace

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