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Miradouro da Ponta da Espalamaca
Miradouro do Monte da Guia
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Igreja e Antigo Convento
Colégio e Igreja de S. Salvador
Farol dos Capelinhos
Praia do Almoxarife
Praia do Porto Pim
Miradouro da Ribeira das Cabras


The jewel of the blue island

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The capital of Faial island is situated in a long bay of calm waters in front of Pico island. Sailing ships from the four corners of the world stop by this cosmopolitan port. The name of the city derives from the Hurtere surname of a Flemish sailor who shipped off in the island in 1467. For many centuries Horta was a strategic point, where numerous naval battles were fought. The city was protected by an old defensive structure with around 20 fortresses. Santa Cruz Castle, now converted in a pousada, is a remaining of those times. In the city, apart from must-see marina and Peter’s Café, the meeting point of sailors, you should also visit Horta Museum, exhibiting several local handicraft pieces and old pictures of the settlement. This is the starting point of the discovery of island’s natural wonders, known as the blue island. It is worth highlighting Caldeira, an enormous crater of an extinguished volcano that locals call the silence capital. In opposition to an immense green landscape (classified Natural Reserve), only one hour away you will see the strangely beautiful lunar scenery of Capelinhos Volcano that erupted in 1957, destroying the existing settlement. In 2008, approximately half a century later, a modern Interpretation Centre was built in loco next to the remains of an ancient lighthouse, where visitors can get information about this volcanic eruption that changed forever the face of the island and the soul of its inhabitants.


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