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Praça de Idanha-a-Velha
Catedral Visigótica de Idanha
Castelo da Muralha de Monsanto
Torre do Campanário de Monsanto
Igreja Matriz do Rosmaninhal
Penha Garcia
Fortaleza da Segura
CAvalo no Parque Natural do Tejo
Manada no Parque Natural do Tejo


A council with spectacular Historical Villages

Situated by Pônsul river, the council of Idanha-a-Nova is located at the heart of a vast prairie considered the barn of Beira Baixa region. The town is situated at the mountain top, still preserving the ruins of a former castle, which was founded in 1187. The municipality is rich in historical testimonies and monuments, since it includes several Historical Villages, such as Monsanto, Penha Garcia or Idanha-a-Velha. During the period of the dictatorship there was a contest that awarded Portugal’s most Portuguese village and Monsanto was the winner. However, this Historical Village still preserves nowadays all its grace, rising at the top of an imposing mountain. Penha Garcia, a stone village of narrow streets and small patios, has kept the ruins of a medieval castle, offering an impressive panoramic view. Lastly, the monuments of Idanha-a-Velha were outstandingly renewed, especially the Visigothic church and the interesting Lagar das Varas. But the region is also appealing for its natural heritage, offering highly valuable sites in terms of landscape and environment. It is worth highlighting the surrounding region of Pônsul rver, the valley, Penha Garcia Mountain and the Mount of Monsanto. Thanks to its natural features, a rich fauna and flora and the existence of three dams – Idanha, Penha Garcia and Toulica – the council is the ideal place for practising nautical sports, fishing, hunting and walking trails in contact with nature. It is also a region of thermal stations, where you will find Termas de Monfortinho, famous for their medicinal waters.


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