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Casas típicas da Costa Nova
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A Costa Nova
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Capela de Nossa Sr.ª da Penha
Pôr-do-Sol na Ria


Land of sailors

Ílhavo is council’s headquarters, formed by four civil parishes. It is situated in one of the arms of Aveiro ria (drowned river valley), offering a vast natural heritage, such as Costa Nova and Barra beaches. Throughout the centuries, city’s main economical activities have been mercantile navigation and fishing. It became council’s headquarters in 1296, and a city in 1990. Apart from traditional activities, such as salt extraction, coastal navigation, fishing and boat construction, this city became famous in the 19th century for the industry of ceramics and artistic porcelain, whose greatest example is Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory, with worldwide prestige. Inside the factory facilities, there is the Vista Alegre Historical Museum, depicting the evolution of Portuguese porcelain manufacturing. The Regional and Maritime Museum assembles an important collection of maritime ethnography. In terms of local feasts, our attention should be drawn to São João da Barra Feasts (on June 24th) with its parade and popular marches, as well as Senhor Jesus dos Navegantes Feast on the first September weekend.


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