In the cycleway along the Atlantic coast

A bike ride by the cycleway having as its starting point the Pedra de Ouro Beach, south of S. Pedro de Moel, and traveling up the coast to Praia de Vieira.

An old forest road rehabilitated, the Atlantic Road is a project involving the municipalities of Nazaré, Alcobaça, Marinha Grande, Leiria and Pombal. It can be considered a true 'green road' which includes a cycleway, picnic parks, viewpoints, environmental education centers, among other facilities. Cars can be parked at Pedra do Ouro. Starting the tour in this beach, which has distinctive black hills bordering the shore, go north, towards Praia da Vieira. Few hundred meters later you will pass the Praia da Água de Madeiros with its wide shore and a terrace, open in summer, going by the cycleway until São Pedro de Moel. Next to the lighthouse (1912), enjoy the spectacular views of cliffs and rocks eroded by the sea. If the tiredness of the legs take over, it's easy to make a short detour to one of the many parks with picnic benches and stone tables where you can stop to recharge your batteries. It follows Velha and then Pedras Negras, where the dunes merge with the Leiria National Pine Forest and Urso pine forest, a less windy area. After Olho do Samouco, the cycleway lane end less than 10 km later, all between the sea and the pine forest, in Praia da Vieira. Today the spot has more of a tourism attraction than of a fishermen' s beach but the fishing art of "xávega" is still practiced. In addition to this tour, in August, the Tourism Region of Leiria/Fátima usually promotes the "Glass Route Cycling Tour". The paths unfold from the tourism offices of Praia da Vieira and São Pedro de Moel, where bicycles are available free of charge, through a pre-registration. The routes are circular, of moderate difficulty, on cycleways and forest roads, with a length of about 10 km.

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