Itinerary through Arrabida Mountains

A tour through Arrábida, Azeitão and Palmela that shows some of the most beautiful sites around Setubal, including the Natural Park of Arrabida Mountains and its beaches.

This circuit, beginning and ending in Setúbal, in Av Luisa Todi, leads through the most interesting spots in the Arrábida mountain. Take Arrábida direction and follow by the road closest to the sea (EN379-1), via the cement factory and Outão (which maritime fortress once became a sanatorium), Figueirinha and Portinho da Arrábida. This last beach, jewel of the Natural Park of Arrábida Mountain, is worth of a visit, and there you will find many good restaurants. The tour continues amidst a beautiful scenery en route to Azeitão. It is another mandatory stop, for its heritage (as the eighteenth-century Chafariz dos Pasmados and the Palace of the Dukes of Aveiro) and handicrafts (tiles, painted pottery). You have the chance to taste local specialties such as pies and cheeses, which ones the best. Then you just follow the road, having the southern slope of Arrábida in plain sight to the right, up to Palmela. A land of good wines, the grape harvest festival is one of the highlights of the calendar of feasts. If you like walking you may want to leave the car near the Chafariz de D. Maria I and walk up through the whitewashed, flowered houses. The well preserved walls were conquered from the Moors by King Afonso Henriques and used to be the headquarters of the Military Order of Saint James of the Sword. The view from the top of its walls, either in the direction of Setubal and the Sado river, or towards Lisbon, is truly unique. Then take the road to Setubal and end the tour, maybe with a nice snack of fresh fish or seafood tasted near the dock. Access Through A2 and A12 to Setúbal, coming from Lisbon (some 40 km). To take into account The access to Figueirinha and Portinho da Arrábida beaches may be restricted. When With good weather, regardless of season. Length Some 60 km, returning to Setúbal. Meals Restaurants O Galeão (T. 212180533) and O Golfinho (T. 212181047), in Portinho da Arrábida. Other spots to visit Cabo Espichel, Lighthouse and Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Cape; Sesimbra castle; Church of the Jesus Convent, in Setúbal.

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