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If you take a closer look at Lagos centre with its half-pedestrian streets stretching between Gil Eanes Square and Republic Square, you will see that there are plenty of bars and tourists. Did the city lose its identity because of this? It does not seem to be the case, for the design of the former quarters has pretty remained unaltered along this central zone. Furthermore, all the city monuments are well-preserved and very sought-after, from Santo António Church with its splendid gilt carved woood to Bandeira Fort, or São Sebastião Church. This means that there is no such thing as an incompatibility between tourism, environment and heritage. It is all a matter of common sense and proportion. Besides, the most modern city area stretching along the marina is situated in the opposite riverbank of Bensafrim river stream. East from the leisure port, there are the Meia Praia endless sand extensions with Alvor ria in the end. In the opposite direction, on the way to Porto de Mós or Praia da Luz, we will find a more Atlantic Algarve with cold waters and afternoon North winds that can be felt in these beaches. These sand extensions are very popular, because here you will not find crowds of sunbathers, nor squeezes. Far away, over a fifteen minutes driving distance, there are the imposing cliffs of Sagres and São Vicente Cape. North from this area, lies “a different Algarve”, offering beaches, ideal for nature lovers, such as Cordoama, Amado, Bordeira and Arrifana beaches.


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