Lands of Riba Côa

A trip beginning in Belmonte, via the historical village of Sortelha and ending in Sambugal, by the Coa river.

After a visit to Belmonte, without forgetting the castle, the Church of Santiago and the old Jewry, exit in the direction of the Sabugal by EN345 and 345-1, turning to the left, near the train station. This first section of the route crosses a predominantly flat landscape, changing as you leave the national road (EN18-3) and start going upwards, to the left to Sortelha. Then, the scenery is gradually dominated by granitic rocks. Shortly before the old medieval village, there is an access, in the left, to the secular sidewalk, which, for those who enjoy a good walk, presents an alternative access. Worth seeing this fortified town, where time seems to have stopped and the houses and pavements almost blend with the rampart. This rampart follows the hill in its ups and downs, adjusting to the topography. There are two gates: one through which one enters usually by car, near the suburb, and another, at the highest point in the opposite direction, in which doorways are carved the old medieval measures (rod and cubit). A minor road continues east to meet the Sabugal, the county seat. It's another site worth visiting, including the area surrounding the medieval castle, from which walls one can enjoy superb views over the course of the Coa and the hills surrounding the town. Around the walls, a set of narrow streets and sidewalks lined by quaint, old, shale. It's worth climbing to the dungeon of the castle, not only by the breadth of the views, but also because this is one of the very few buildings of this type of pentagonal design. Access By A23 and sliproad of Belmonte To have into account The tour can be extended southwards, towards The Malcata Mountain Natural Reserve Length Some 50 km Meals O Robalo (T. 271753566), Sabugal Other spots to visit The Malcata Mountain Natural Reserve (southwards), Alfaiates and Vilar Maior villages (northwards)

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