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Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
Muralha da Alcadaria Bica
Igreja Matriz de Alte
Igreja da Querenca
Igreja do Miradouro
Fonte do Miradouro
Grutas da Fonte da Benémola
Mionumento ao Eng.º Duarte PAcheco
Poço Tradicional


Cosmopolitan and traditional

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Loulé, a city situated in a hill a dozen of kilometres away from the sea, is the headquarters of a council with pretty diversified characteristics. In the north, there is a predominantly rural borderline zone with the mountain with round hills that become quite frequent and near as we move away from the sea. There we will find well-preserved typical villages such as Querença, Alte or Salir, as well as an extremely rich natural heritage in the protected sites of Rocha da Pena or Fonte da Benémola. This environmentally diversified council also includes an area integrated in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, a lagoon system with different kinds of humid zone and fen area, quite rich in terms of fauna and flora. One of the most densely populated areas of Algarve coastline is located between the city and the sea. In this 13km long coastline, cosmopolitan Vilamoura beach and popular Quarteira beach deserve a special attention. In this area, you will find the greatest amount of high quality restaurants and some of the most sophisticated hotels of the whole region. In terms of heritage, it is worth visiting São Lourenço Church in Almancil, as well as the historical centre of council’s headquarters with many vestiges of the medieval wall and other interesting curiosities, as for instance an old market. This city also organises one of the most popular carnival celebrations in the country, bringing back tourists in low season.


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