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Antiga Igreja Matriz
Antiga Igreja Matriz - Interior
Igreja do Castelo, Matriz da Lourinhã
Igreja do Castelo
Igreja Matriz Nossa Sr.ª da Conceição
Moinhos de Vento
Forte do Paimogo
Praia do Caniçal
Praia do Paimogo


The capital of Dinosaurs

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A long time before human presence in the region, Dinosaurs have wandered around this lands, covered nowadays with cultivated hills, wide open valleys leading to the ocean and beaches of iodine sea waters. Valuable vestiges have remained from those Jurassic times, which can be found in Lourinhã Museum, assembling the greatest collection of Dinosaurs’ fossils in the Iberian Peninsula dating back to Upper Jurassic. These fossils are 150 million years old, and the collection includes skeletons, nests and petrified eggs. However, this council has more to offer. For a start, 12km of coastline, combining beautiful beaches (Areia Branca, Porto das Barcas, Vimeiro, and so on), abrupt cliffs, peaceful bays and…wonderful seafood restaurants. The rural inland is even quieter, offering far-reaching landscapes, an accommodation offer that invites to rest, and windmills evoking ancient traditions. Town’s heritage is also very rich. You can visit here century-old landmarks of military (as for instance, Paimogo Fort) and religious architecture, such as Castle, Misericórdia, and Santo António Convent churches.


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