Lousã Branch Line

A tour by train, from Coimbra to Lousã, exploring the beautiful landscapes of the valleys of the rivers Mondego and Ceira, towards the Estrela mountains.

Although for some this is merely a routine home-work daily route, the truth is that Lousã branch line provides for a very nice ride to those who travel with a leisure mood. Departure from Parque station, on the right bank of the Mondego River, which, for those on foot, is a further reason for visiting the new waterfront of Coimbra, the so-called Docks, with gardens and terraces, in addition to the beautiful Pedro and Ines footbridge. The first moments of the trip on the way to Lousã enable some view of the banks of the Mondego and of the Pavilion of Central Portugal, designed by Siza Vieira and Souto Moura. After a journey between barriers, the exit of Coimbra is through the metallic viaduct of Portas de Coimbra, over the Mondego. Henceforth the reference of the ride is no longer the Mondego but the valley of its tributary, Ceira. As we get nearer Miranda do Corvo, we start seeing, on the right side, the imposing mass of Lousã mountain. Until getting there the line will have five tunnels, the latter of which will announce the arrival in the village. From now on we are at just a 10 km distance from Lousã, through quite a flat meadow, getting closer to the mountain. If Lousã way station is closest to the center of the town, the station itself is located about 800 meters later. Its main point of interest is a set of beautiful tile panels signed by Jorge Colaço depicting local landscapes and the castle of Lousã. The city is quaint and cozy and, for those who like wandering through natural landscapes, the mountain offers many opportunities, especially for walks. Access By the North Line, or by A1 to Coimbra To have into account The tour can be extended to Serpins Station Meals O Burgo (T. 239991162), in Lousã In the vicinity The University, Church of Santa Cruz, Old Cathedral - Sé Velha (Coimbra)

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