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Vista geral da Serra
Câmara Municipal da Lousã
Palácio da Viscondesa do Condal
castelo de Arouce e Ermida da Sr.ª da Piedade
Escadaria no Casal Novo
Ponte sobre a Ribeira de S. João
Vista do Talasnal


Mountain soul

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The town of Lousã is located near the left riverbank of Ceira River at the western foothill of Lousã Mountain, stretching along its hills to the deep valley crossed by Arouce river. Legend has it that the village was born around the castle built by a king who tried to protect his daughter and to escape enemy attacks. The fortress still exists nowadays side by side with the Sanctuary of Senhora da Piedade, the stage of an annual procession (in May) heading to the town and coming back a few days later. Both of these landmarks form enchanting scenery, surrounded by imposing cliffs and a popular river beach at their feet. The council, rich in history and monuments, presents a typical rural identity quite typical and genuine that has always been influenced by the desires and the benefits of the mountain. It is an immense unpretentious mountain that offers landscapes of great beauty. It is the ideal place for practising adventure sports and fishing, especially trout fishing in its water streams. In its six mounts lays also an outstanding set of traditional schist villages, such as Talasnal, Vaqqueirinho, Casal Novo or Catarredor, lost in time for long but attracting a growing number of tourists.


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