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Faith, agriculture and industry


Situated in the region of Vale do Sousa, Lousada is a truly a double-sided council: an agricultural council based on green wines and dairy products, as well as a quite developed industrial council, mainly in terms of textile and furniture industries. Its origins are remote, for the council still preserves vestiges of Celt presence (6th century B.C.) in São Domingos fort hill and several Romanic constructions, especially Romanic tower Torre de Vilar built in granite upon a rocky foundation and several temples, such as Meimedo and Aveleda churches (both of them dating back to the 13th century). This is also a land of deep-rooted faith, expressed in the Feast of Senhora da Aparecida, when approximately 70 men carry country’s greatest religious image. The region offers several gastronomic specialities, such as roasted kid in the oven, fried pork (“rojões”), sponge cake and “beijinhos do amor” (sweet speciality).


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