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Nature in its purest state

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In the borderline of Santarém district in the direction of Beira Baixa region, the white houses of Mação town rise upon a hill. Inhabited since pre-historic times, this region is rich in sites of archaeological and paleontological interest, such as several dolmens and Roman sites of Vale do Junco. These sites are not integrated in a museum, though. The Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição is also historically valuable. It was built in 1597 by King D. Filipe II. In the south of the council you will find the reservoir in the background, a dolmen and a funeral urn next to the estuary of Frio river, as well as the breathtaking Ortiga beach with its beautiful wooden boats used by local fishermen and leisure infrastructures. This has been for a long time the favourite place of locals with two regional restaurants that offer the best of local gastronomy. Mação is also rich in handicraft, the main products being straw fans, laceworks and embroideries, tin ware and pottery artefacts, blankets woven in manual looms, cotton articles, linen and wool, basket ware and profusely decorated wax candles.


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