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Furna do Rei matias


In the shadow of Pico

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The town of Madalena is situated in the west coast of Pico island in front of Faial. Pico island is located only 6km away from Faial through a channel. The highest mountain in Portugal is located in this patchy council (2351m), whose magnificence strikes every visitor. From the top of Pico Mountain, the sceneries are absolutely magnificent and in clear days you can actually observe the several islands of the archipelago, apart from the typical vineyards separated by black walls delimiting the lands of the municipality. The unique vineyard landscape was classified World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a status that helped preserve the ancestral importance of this culture, as well as the whole wine growing universe, such as wine cellars, stills, warehouses and big rural houses. Some of these places can be discovered trough the visits organised by Pico Wine Museum, housed in the old Carmelites’ Convent. In council’s headquarters, you should dry a closer look to the main church (18th century), one of the most beautiful churches of the Azores and two peculiar rocks – “Deitado” (laying down) and “Em Pé” (standing) – rising in the sea in front of the town. Nature lovers must visit the Furnas de Frei Matias and the grout Gruta das Torres, lava tunnels that well reveal Pico’s volcanic origins, as well as the bathing areas of Areia Funda and Prainha do Galeão.


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