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Convento de Mafra -
Convento de Mafra - Claustros
Convento de Mafra - Interior
Convento de Mafra - Interior
Convento de Mafra - Interior
Igreja da Ericeira
Igreja da Ericeira
Praia dos Pescadores na Ericeira
Barcos na Praia dos Pescadores


Beach, countryside and…the convent

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One can say that Mafra offers two different realities: on the one hand, the fishing village and Ericeira beaches, and on the other hand, the famous Mafra Convent, which is probably Portugal’s most sumptuous monument, immortalized through the first great novel by Nobel Prize in Literature, José Saramago. Nowadays, Mafra is located at approximately a half an hour driving distance from Lisbon, connected by highway networks stretching from the council’s headquarters to Ericeira. There is no excuse for not visiting this zone, which is so closely located to Lisbon and, at the same time, with so deeply rural traces. Tapada forest zone is indeed an added-value of Mafra, inhabited by deer, wild boars and other wild animals living freely, providing its visitors a true nature experience, so close to the Portuguese capital. Not very far away from Tapada, you will find the Recovery Centre of the Iberian Wolf that aims at conserving and protecting this species in danger of extinction, within a vast surrounded area. Speaking of nature, the beaches of this coastal region are very appreciated by their usual visitors. Ericeira is a traditional beach, which has been chosen for decades by the succeeding generations of sunbathers. On the other hand, the beaches located in the north of the town, such as Ribeira de Ilhas, are surfers’ paradise. Regularly, international surf championships take place here.


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