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From the Land of Maia to the city of progress


Maia is one of the most industrialised dynamic cities in Portugal with over 100 thousand inhabitants that played a crucial role in the founding of the country. By then it was known as Land of Maia, situated north from Ave and south from Porto. It has kept an interesting historical heritage from the past, such as the Roman bridge over Leça, Convent Church of São Salvador or 17th century Church of Nossa Senhora do Bom Despacho, located in the council’s headquarters, presenting a beautiful stained glass and magnificent works in gilt carved wood. Quinta dos Cónegos is also an historical site, used in the past by the canon priests (“cónegos” in Portuguese) of Porto, hence the name. The nine windows with granite balconies and the chapel with a 17th century altarpiece in gilt carved wood are also worth mentioning. In city hall square, a modern building rises above the municipality. Here you will find the statue of Gonçalo Mendes da Maia, regarded as a hero of Beja, who fought for Lusitanian independence next to D. Afonso Henriques. Children (but also grown-ups) will love to visit the zoo of Maia, integrated in an interesting park with approximately 600 animals and many other attractions related to fauna and flora.


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