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Citânia da Raposeira
Catro do Bom Sucesso
Câmara Municipal
Fonte da Ricardina
Mosteiro de St.ª Maria de Maceira Dão
Nossa Sra do Castelo
Solar do Albuquerque
Igreja da Misericórdia


Palaces and churches on the way to the mountain

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Situated in the Dão region in a fertile plain between Estrela and Caramulo mountains, the city of Mangualde benefits from a privileged location that attracted countless people from Viriato warriors to Romans and Moors. In modern times, this land was an intermediary of the tissues produced in the factories of Covilhã, Seia and Gouveia, even though agriculture still is the main local activity. The most important monument is the imposing Palace Condes de Anadia with a sumptuous staircase. Casa de São Cosmado has also an historical importance, and it belonged in the past to the family of Brazil’s discoverer Pedro Álvares Cabral. Among the most important temples, you should draw your attention to Rebelo chapel, Santa Maria Monastery, São Julião Main Church and the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Castelo, offering fabulous views over the region. If you are looking for health and relaxation, the waters of Alcafache thermal stations are ideal for treating rheumatic and skin diseases. In terms of handicraft, the main products are the traditional Tibaldinho embroideries, presenting a simple unpretentious decoration.


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