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Land of devotion between Douro and Tâmega


Shaped by its bordering rivers, Douro and Tâmega, the council of Marco de Canavezes is situated in an area of fertile lands, producing green wine, olive oil and quality fruit. The landscape is moulded by the grandiosity of Aboboreira and Montedeiras mountains, as well as by ancient Carrapatelo and Torrão reservoirs, true paradises for nature lovers and nautical sports fans. The oldest vestiges of human presence date back to the 1st century. By then a Roman settlement established here (in current Freixo archaeological site), protected by Toncobricensium god. However, most part of the historical heritage of the municipality consists of important Catholic temples, from beautiful Romanic and Baroque churches to the modern Santa Maria Church built in the 20th century by prestigious Portuguese architect Siza Vieira. Among the most famous persons of Marco de Canavezes, we should highlight former actress and singer Carmen Miranda. The town erected a museum in homage to her, presenting painting, sculpture and ceramics exhibitions. In terms of gastronomy, locals love traditional dishes, such as lamb (“anho”) and lamprey, as well as irresistible sweet specialities, such as “pão podre” (literally, rotten bread), Freixo slices and biscuits of the Durience Factory.


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