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Castelo de Marvão
Castelo de Marvão
Castelo de Marvão e Antiga Igreja Matriz
Museu Municipal de Marvão
Vista do Castelo de Marvão
Ponte Romana da Portagem
Cidade Romana da Ammaia
Nora da Ammaia
Anfora da Ammaia


Unforgettable rock

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Situated at the top of a rocky cliff, 862m high Marvão is one of the jewels of Alentejo region. From the walls, one has view over Estrela and Gardunha mountain ranges (both of them in the North) and over São Mamede mountain range (in te South), covering also the nearest Spanish lands, along with Castelo de Vide, Nisa, Póvoa, Meadas and its dam. In exceptional days, a white dot in the South can be seen, which is Estremoz city. From ancient times, it was said that this crest was so high that it was located “above the flight of the black kites”. However, the importance of Marvão is not only due to its landscape. The houses inside the walls have been well kept, as if we entered a time machine leading us two or three centuries back. It is a labyrinth of picturesque streets full of “ houses in narrow winding streets, some of them in stairs, with typical windows and curious Alentejo chimneys; Gothich arches and picturesque spots”, as described in “The Portugal Guide”, written by Raúl Proença. There is also a lot to see in the immediate surroundings of Marvão. At the mount foothill, near Sever riverbanks, you will find Portagem (literally,”toll”) village, which has developed in this place throughout the centuries. In order to pass to the other side of this Medieval fortified bridge, a toll was charged. The village was named after it. This bridge can still be seen nowadays. There is also a Medieval path, which invites for a walk up to Marvão heights. A bit more far away, the ancient Roman city Ammaia is the living proof of how dear this region was to the Caesars, because of its landscapes and natural resources. This Roman city has been excavated in the last decades. Marvão offers a significant number of hotels and good restaurants, both inside and outside its walls.


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