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The suckling pig capital

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Mealhada is council’s headquarters, comprising eight civil parishes. Mealhada is situated in a plain landscape, in-between olive trees, apple trees and vines, on the right riverbank of Cértima river, a Vouga tributary river. The vestiges of human presence date back to the Palaeolithic. On September 27th 1810, a battle between the Anglo-Portuguese and the Napoleonic troops took place here. This battle was decisive for the defeat of the 3rd French Invasion, and it is commemorated every year with vests and weapons of that time. There is an interesting military museum on-site. In 1836, Mealhada became council’s headquarters. Famous Bairrada wines are produced here. This region plays a major role in Portuguese gastronomy, offering several restaurants, where the typical roasted suckling pig is served. Luso thermal stations, among the most beautiful in the country, are located in this council. Buçaco National Foreststands out as one of the main highlights, a national treasure that can be discovered on foot. Palace Hotel do Buçaco is another landmark of local heritage.


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