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Vista Aérea do Castelo
Vista sobre o Rio Minho - Lugar de Fiães
Castelo de Melgaço
Solar do Alvarinho
Vestígios do Castelo de Castro Laboreiro
Convento de Paderne
Pelourinho de Castro Laboreiro
Decorações Florais do Corpo de Deus
Raça canina autóctone de Castro Laboreiro


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Melgaço was born in the shadow of the castle built by King D. Afonso Henriques in 1170, presenting today a rich historical heritage based on the deep-rooted religiosity of the population and typical residential manor houses. The council has a rich archaeological legacy, as shown by numerous Megalithic monuments spread throughout the region, and by an impressive number of Romanic churches: Fiães church (on the way to Castro Laboreiro), Nossa Senhora da Orada church and Paderne church. Even though Melgaço is a rather small town, it has an interesting set of museums, which are the envy of many cities. Among them, it is worth highlighting the Keep’s Museum Centre, the Archaeological Ruins of Republic Square, Castro Laboreiro Museum Centre, Cinema Museum and Memory and Frontier Venue. Alvarinho manor house deserves a thorough visit, a noble house that has preserved the memory of Alvarinho brand wines (one of the basis of local economy). Here you can not only buy wines, but also taste other traditional regional products. But Melgaço is also an entrance door to the spectacular National Park Peneda-Gerês, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved parks in the country, where you will find Castro Laboreiro and Lamas de Mouro, council’s most typical villages.


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