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Mira is headquarters of a council that integrated four civil parishes. This town is located 5 km inland from the beach Mira, in the middle of pine forests and vast cultivated areas. Mira has very ancient origins. Its name was given under Arab occupation, meaning a prince or a local lord. In 1514, Mira received the “foral” (Royal document), and in 1690 Coimbra’s Crúzios Monks have built here the parish church, covered by tiles and a significant work in gilt carved wood. Coucil’s main economical activities are agriculture and fishing. The fishing activity in Mira is one of the most original ones in the Portuguese coast. This region has several vast lagoons, like the famous Barrinha de Mira (a lake where you can practice nautical sports). Mira beach covers a wide sand area. It is a tourism-oriented region par excellence. In ancient times, Mira beach was known for the so-called “palheiros” (literally, straw lofts), typical constructions that housed fishermen, but where animals, utensils and agricultural products were also kept. Nowadays, the ones that remained are used only for tourism purposes.


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