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Bullfights and boats by the Tagus

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Moita was born when in the end of the 16th century a small group of lumberjacks settled in the left riverbank of Tagus river. By then this place was called “Mouta”. Situated in the margins of river’s estuary, the town developed a lot in the last decades, especially with the construction of Vasco da Gama bridge. Despite its location in the surroundings of the capital, this town has kept however many ancient habits and traditions, set on an almost umbilical relation to the Tagus river. Along its almost 20km long coastline front, you should visit the quay with its colourful docked boats, as well as an interesting museum housed in an old tidal mill. In terms of religious heritage, it is worth highlighting the main church of Moita dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, as well as the main church of Alhos Vedros with is four chapels. In the council’s headquarters, there is also an old well. Legend has it that if a person manages to break a gourd sculpted in the stone, he or she will win an immense treasure. Moita’s bullfighting tradition is also an ancient one, attracting may aficionados from all over the country to the local bullfighting arena.


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