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Land of brave women ruled by Good

Monção, a rural locality surrounded by green prairies and hills covered by vineyards, was for centuries an important square in the border, located in the left riverbank of Minho river. This is a land of brave people, as the legendary Deu-La-Deu who saved the town in 1368 after a siege of Castile. Legend has it that when took over the fortress, the wife of the main captain Vasco Gomes Abreu pretended that there was abundance where there was nothing but need and threw breads from the top of the wall. The enemy, surprised by such wealth, put an end to the siege. Now that peace rules, most part of the inhabitants works in small-scale agriculture. Alvarinho wine is king, as well as regional kid and lamprey. The feast Festa da Coca, celebrated in Corpus Christi day, is the most typical festivity of the whole council. A noisy dragon (called “Coca”) tries to escape St. George’s pursuit, riding a horse like a Medieval warrior. In the end of the fight, Good (St. George) always wins over Evil (Coca). In terms of heritage, it is worth visiting Lapela Tower, Monção Fortress, the main church (where you will find the tomb of Deu-La-Deu) and the impressive Brejoeira Palace, 6 km away from council’s headquarters, one of the most beautiful examples of noble houses of Minho region


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