Mondego Valley

A journey by car from the banks of the Mondego river to the Protected Landscape of the Açor Mountains, including the Fraga da Pena and the Mata da Margaraça.

After Penacova (where there are beautiful viewpoints over the Mondego and panoramic restaurants where you can lunch), pass the bridge over the river and, at km 64.4, leave IP3 following to the Livraria do Mondego. You will see on the right bank, a natural monument that reminds a gigantic library. It was carved by erosion from the river passing through more resistant quartzite formations. Continue south by the EN 2, along the left bank of Mondego. In Gois look at the ancient bridge over the river Ceira, with three arches, and enjoy the bucolic landscape. Continuing to climb the mountain, in the village of Esporão turn onto the right to see the village of Pena. Along the way you will pass along the Penedo de Gois. The strength of this rock makes this ridge to stand out (1040 meters). The arrival to Pena is made via an old stone bridge over the River Sotão. Do not miss the traditional houses in shale, the narrow streets and the picturesque surroundings. Return to EN2, leaving it by the Mestras Wind Farm to continue in the direction of Pampilhosa da Serra. Turn then left to Fajão. The road is narrow but the views are wide! Down the main road and turning onto the right, towards Piódão, you will see another quartzitic formation, Penedo of Fajão (altitude 902 meters), surrounded by the river Ceira. The village of Fajão was rehabilitated under the rehabilitation program Schist Villages, being worth making a stop to tour its streets, enjoy the well preserved houses and possibly have a swim in the river beach or lunch at the famous restaurant in town (O Juiz de Fajão). Do a few more kilometers, partially non-paved, down the left of the road to Piódão to the village of Monte Frio and follow signs to Mata da Margaraça and Fraga da Pena. The forest houses vegetation similar to the original one in these mountains. It is a heavenly place to ask for a stop to have a rest or a walk. After the interpretation center and the village of Pardieiros, the Fraga da Pena is next. This is a true oasis of green amid the Açor mountain, otherwise very wild. Here, there is a succession of waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation. Access By A1 and IP3 until Penacova To have into account The tour can be extended to the historic village of Piódão Length Some 110 km Meals Panorâmico (T. 239477333) in Penacova; O Juiz de Fajão (T. 235751219), in Fajão (Pampilhosa) In the vicinity Piódão Village, Vide

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