Monte do Faro Track

A wonderful pedestrian tour through the hills eastwards of Valença, passing by areas of great natural beauty and some wildlife.

This signaled footpath, under the responsibility of the City of Valença, was inaugurated in October 2007. With a length of about 8 km, is a scenic and ecological route that develops along the parishes of Ganfei, Gandra and Sanfins, with fabulous views over the Minho valley and south of Galicia. The route begins near the Ermida da Senhora do Faro, in the parish of Ganfei. This is a route that runs through areas of great beauty and landscape value, allowing a visit to a forest of conifers that been well preserved and protected, where we can see the presence of species like the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) and foxes (Vulpes vulpes ). At the Municipal Library of Valença (251 800 330), Tuesday to Saturday, the free leaflet with the layout of the course is available. The Monte do Faro, located immediately east of Valença, has superb views over the river Minho, the old stronghold, the Galician city of Tuy and the fields around. It's considered one of the major viewpoints in Minho, and a visit not to miss. You can leave the car at the top, near the restaurant or the chapel, and completely enjoy the views going on foot. You will be delighted. Start and End: Ermida da Senhora do Faro (Valença) Duration/Length: 8 km/3 hours Difficulty level: Easy

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